Featured video: bobagain askes California hedge fund billionnaire and NeedToImpeach promoter Tom Steyer what he can do to get more Republicans to support impeachment when they realize our choice is Trump or Pence -- not Trump or Clinton.

News Release (.pdf)

Download 6-6-2018 News Release: Trump Thought Crimes of MN GOP Gov candidate bobagain roil GOP in Duluth -- legal issues emerge -- rare openly sane GOP candidate files for 5th CD GOP primary vows to continue educational Trump-must-resign-or-be-impeached campaign

Download 4-12-2018 News Release: Only openly sane MN GOP Gov candidate begins GOP Congressional District Convention tour; calls on crazy fellow GOP candidates to snap out of it & do videotaped discussion on resignation or impeachment of President Mafia Don Trump

Download 3-21-2018 News Release: MN GOP Candidate-Journalist, current Gov. candidate, calls on Gov. Pawlenty and other candidates to do videotaped discussions on recent constitutional impeachment theory, and to join in calling for President Trump to resign or be impeachment

Download 3-13-2018 News Release: MN GOP candidate for Governor releases new video; promises voters Republicans in Minnesota are going to have a candidate on the ballot in their primary advocating that President Trump either resign or be impeached

Download 1-23-2018 News Release: MN GOP Candidate-Journalist puts edited stump speech on youtube -- focus is on GOP history and heritage of the Republican Party; role of a Governor; the need for President Trump to resign or be impeached

Download 9-6-2017 News Release: MN GOP Candidate-Journalist completes ten days & 35 hours campaigning for Governor at GOP state fair booth; reports on feedback for advocating President Trump resign or be impeached; brands two GOP Governor candidates as extreme right

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Our Republican heritage requires the impeachment or resignation of President Trump. Click Here for a lightly edited transcript of bobagain's stump speech (the Video version is below.)

Video for Cannon Falls speech